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My friendly, step-by-step approach works well for students, including those challenged by Asperger Syndrome or a mood disorder. I use the tools below to help all kinds of young people succeed with all their college writing, from the application essay to the senior paper:

  • a free half-hour initial consult
  • an informal or formal needs assessment, as appropriate
  • my insider’s eye, since I teach at the college level
  • an individualized action plan
  • weekly sessions to review and guide homework
  • fun and inspiring writing lessons
  • time management support
  • thesis-shaping sessions
  • research tips

Contact me now at 917-319-4100 or at Lisa@LFWritingCoach.com to get started or to ask any questions.

Sample Action Plan and Fees for a Student

Context: A student is about to start college as a math major. She has a gift for solving algebraic equations but does not have a lot of patience for courses outside her field. Still, she understands that one purpose of going to college is to broaden her horizons.
Goals: Reframe student’s procrastination habit; empower her to keep and follow her own schedule for classes, homework, and gym workouts; develop her ability to think about the connections between the literature she reads and her own life; practice a paper-writing process that includes a quick and messy first draft, followed by a thesis-refining session, and then a close-to-finished second draft.
Action plan: I consulted with the student and her parents. We agreed that the student would benefit from being able to call or email me with any school-related questions or concerns and from keeping a daily log about successes and problems at school and with homework. She emails me her work, which I review. We discuss her log entries and her assignments at our Monday morning meetings, which we have committed to for the course of the semester.
Fee: $180/week

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