praise for my work with creative writers:

Lisa read my work with nearly the care and attention I had in writing it. Her editing suggestions allowed my words to emerge with the clarity and force I envisioned when I first sat down to write. I am grateful for her remarkable work.
Renato Rosaldo, The Day of Shelly’s Death

Taking classes like this one [Intro to Creative Nonfiction] that challenge and inspire me to be the best writer I can be are not only beneficial to me academically and professionally — they’re medicinal and facilitate me doing what I believe I came here to do in my lifetime. Lauren Jonik, New School

Lisa, thank you for being a great instructor. I have learned so much over the past nine weeks that I cannot even begin to articulate it. This class has opened my eyes.
Carolyn Onofrey, New School and The Gotham Palate

praise for my work with business and academic writers:
I waited over 30 years for help, but now I have found someone from the other end of the writing spectrum who acknowledges: Visual thinkers are not stupid. Thank you, Lisa, for all your support.
Ray Lear, Donovan Data Systems

I find that I am working not only on the content of my piece but also my process. And, as I let that develop, I get more comfortable with the writing. Each draft gets a little closer to who I am, thanks for the safe space you create for me.
Lisa Paler, Professor of Psychology, Kingsborough Community College

praise for my work with students:

Lisa helps people who aren’t used to writing grow comfortable with this means of expression. With her coaching, they learn how to consider the reader’s perspective and find new ways to share their experiences and connect with others.
Alice Quinn, Executive Director of the Poetry Society of America

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