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I offer a wide range of services for businesses and can work with individuals or groups with shared needs. My coaching for businesses tends to include:

  • free initial consults
  • diagnostic sessions
  • customized action plans
  • tailor-made classes for your needs
  • English usage and clarity tutorials
  • on-call support or Q & A
  • company-specific style manuals

Contact me now at 917-319-4100 or at Lisa@LFWritingCoach.com to get started or to ask any questions.

Sample Action Plan and Fee for a Business

Context: A wine importer has 12 employees who need to write emails, press releases, and vintage reports in English, but their native language is French.
Goals: Make workers aware of the limits of automatic translation services; improve English grammar skills; come up with re-usable templates for frequent communications
Action plan: The manager sends two writing samples from each of the 12 employees for my review. I come on site and have one-on-one, 30-min. meetings with each struggling writer for a total of three hours.I organize three groups of four students with similar skills and deficits. For each group, I make and teach a focused six-week curriculum that includes a one-hour class each week and workbooks that include job-related exercises. I am available on-call to answer questions over these six weeks.I create a test to measure the students’ progress with English grammar and their fluency with the templates we have established. After the manager approves the test, I administer it during week 7. Then, the manager and I meet to discuss results and next steps, as appropriate.
Fee: This package for 24 students costs $5,640.

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